Tecna Spa Enzymetherapy Mineral Base Hair Serum


Spray washable hair conditioner / serum.

The product, which is rich in protein and amino acids, effectively restores and treats dehydrated and lost vitality by penetrating the very core of the hair. Intensively nourishes the hair, restores life and elasticity to the hair. Perfect for hair that has been dyed and styled. Due to the special ingredients, the hair is saturated with moisture, its softness and shine are restored.

A special component of the serum – coenzyme Q10, activates all ongoing processes, initiates the entry of active substances into the deeper layers of the hair, inhibits the aging process.

Hair stylists recommend the use of a 3-step Tecna Spa Enzyme therapy

1. Tecna Spa Enzyme therapy shampoo

2.Tecna Spa Enzyme therapy Mineral base

3.Tecna Spa Enzyme therapy mask

After applying all the steps, the hair will be treated completely. The procedure not only moisturizes the hair, but also fills the damaged hair structure. This is the easiest way to do hair spa treatments at home.

USE. spray on damp hair, gently massage and comb the hair, leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse well, continue to apply Tecna Spa Enzyme therapy renewal hair mask for best results. It can be maintained for up to 30 minutes, the product will be intensively rinsed, and other products in the Tecna Spa Enzyme therapy series will be rinsed and applied.
WHO IS IT FOR? For restoring all types of dry hair.

RESULTS. Lightly moisturized, light weight hair.

Tecna Spa Enzymetherapy Mineral Base Hair Serum

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