Teabase Purifying Mud


Teabase Purifying Mud is a scalp care product that revitalizes, nourishes, cleanses and tones. The main component – cleansing mud – is enriched with minerals that promote the regeneration of skin cells, making hair grow faster. These minerals nourish the scalp, preventing premature aging, itching and dermatitis.

The product has fat-regulating properties – it is used regularly and helps the scalp and hair stay clean longer between washes.

WHO IS IT FOR? For dry, flaky scalp

USE. Spread the product evenly on damp scalp and massage gently. Hold for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. Wash your head with Tecna Teabase Series Shampoo, moisten with Tecna Teabase Aromatic Conditioner and rinse thoroughly.

RESULTS. Healthy, non-dehydrated, non-irritated scalp. Stronger, faster growing hair.

Teabase Purifying Mud

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