Teabase Energetic Scalp Serum


An energizing scalp serum designed to promote the growth of healthy, strong hair. The mixture of natural botanical extracts contains faster regeneration of scalp cells, gives hair vitality and elasticity. Tea tree oil protects against bacteria by creating the right conditions for existing and new hair to grow.

Used regularly, this serum lifts hair from the roots, giving them volume and shine. Also, this serum helps to remove dirt, reduce excess sebum.

WHO IS IT FOR? Accelerate the metabolism of scalp cells.

USE. Massage your head with Tecna Teabase Energetic Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Then, spray the serum all over the scalp, massage well. Do not rinse the product. Continue the procedure with other Tecna Teabase tools.

RESULTS. Clean scalp. Strong, rooted, denser, faster growing hair.

Teabase Energetic Scalp Serum

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