Spray non-washable Conditioner ENZO 200ml


Enzo Spray Conditioner is an elixir for your hair that works confidently and magically for up to 24 hours!

Enzo Spray Conditioner is a liquid, high-performance, extremely long-lasting spray that moisturizes and protects hair.

Even after the first use, your hair will shine gratefully, loose and seduce with its pleasant smoothness and softness!

  • The hair becomes noticeably softer, more flexible and loose.
  • A sweet, lush scent surrounds the hair like a cloud.
  • The conditioner enhances and captures shine in the hair.

You want to experience this magic, right?

And do you know what makes Enzo Spray Conditioner special?

“What a fresh breeze that now wraps around my forehead! “That’s what the sweet smell of an angel’s guard looks like.” – Charles Lanman

Yes, the first impression of Enzo spray conditioner is – the indifferent smell! Memorable, pleasant as an evening breeze, radiating an aura of admiration and extremely light.

And that’s not all! Enzo Spray Conditioner also:

  • Maintains effectiveness for 24 hours!
  • Enhances hair saturation, color and mother-of-pearl shine.
  • It leaves no trace after itself! Yes correct! The Enzo spray conditioner settles lightly on the hair, is pleasantly distributed, and has no greasy feeling.
  • Each hair is surrounded only by a protective halo designed for it and thus maintains the necessary moisture.
  • Instantly removes electrification.
  • The hair is extremely easy to comb and pleasantly “sifts” between the fingers.
  • Easily soothes chaos-loving small hairs.

Well, that’s not all! You are probably wondering, what is the secret if one hair care product miraculously overcomes many challenges?

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is inseparable from magic.” Artūras Klarkas

The conditioner is characterized by several technological and human-friendly elements and formulas:

Extremely active and effective formula that protects hair from heat. Which one?

  • The heat that affects our hair comes naturally, such as the heat of the sun. It is a force of nature that we cannot control, but do we forget to take care of our skin when preparing for a kayak trip or tropical lands uncharacteristic of Europeans? Yes, that’s right, and if you ever had to forget, you probably didn’t want to repeat it. And how often do you have to think about sunscreen for your hair?

Namely, hair has become a natural sunscreen for the scalp, and, for example, the guards guarding the city are getting stronger, right?

Giving moisturizing and protective love to your special hair isn’t just worth a shower! How?

For example, during the summer you have a goal to visit the beach, tan, bathe. Spray your hair with conditioner before visiting the seaside. After a few hours, especially after bathing, during which the effectiveness of the conditioner is likely to be reduced, spray again. This will protect your hair from the heat and the nuances that remain – drying, breaking, branching and felting.

  • Artificial heat. It is a heat that is dangerous to the hair and is used extremely often, such as on a daily basis. Hair clippers, curlers, hair dryers and hair dryers, straighteners, hot combs, which are increasingly popular, are sources of artificial heat that weaken the hair.

And yet, it is unlikely to succeed without them, so it is worth the extra protection of your hair. It is now possible to do this with a few sprays of the conditioner just before using a hot hair styling agent. For example, before curling your hair, spray it with the desired amount, you can comb and, if necessary, spray again.

Enzo Spray Hair Conditioner also has another formula:

Formula to ensure moisture retention and fixation.

It is designed so that each hair is individually laminated into a protective layer, which ensures the retention of moisture and the strengthening, electrification and weightlessness of the hair. This gives a visually visible and tangible result that is especially visible on curly hair. Why?

It’s certainly no secret that caring for curly hair is a bit more of a process that requires love and care. Usually, many hair styling products cause curly hair to swell or fall out too much, and the strands are greasy due to the naturally rougher surface of the hair.

With Enzo spray hair conditioner, the sprayed hair smoothes, locks, shines, is soft and firm, and falls smoothly into the strands, as well as combs and rubs pleasantly between the fingers.

When is it worth using Enzo Spray Hair Conditioner?

“A light breeze flooded the corn, and all nature laughed in the sun.” – Anne Bronte

In all weather conditions! Why?

  • In direct sunlight, the air conditioner activates heat protection.
  • When the wind rises – Enzo spray conditioner ensures hair flow, which allows the hair not to curl.
  • When winter comes, the formula activates the electricity.

The question probably arises as to what kind of hair spray conditioner can be used for, right? Enzo Spray Conditioner can be used when:

  • Hair is wet just after a shower, spa, pool or other type of bathing.
  • The hair is dry. Well, after all, it happens in the East, when there is no time for head hygiene, it looks quite bad, although it may not be great. Yes, the conditioner can also be sprayed on dry hair.
  • The hair is curly. Neat, loose, easily falling curly hair, harmoniously moving strands – a wonderful result, right?

Have you ever wondered how there are several ways to use a spray conditioner?

Well, this Enzo spray hair conditioner, enriched with a formula from heat and extremely long 24 h effectiveness, protects moisture, gives shine, traps small hair, locks hair and smells wonderful – is just created for your special occasion.

“You are more powerful than you can think. Be as beautiful as you are. ”(Melissa Etheridge)

Unleash your power and just be a beautiful Man when:

  • Wants to protect hair from heat and give it shine, like at the seaside.
  • The special hair mist is over and the party is about to begin. Spray and shine!
  • Wants to emphasize the beauty of your natural, curly hair.
  • Just like the smell.
  • Loves friendly and ecological products for both nature and man. Thank you for that!
  • Enjoy Here and Now performance products. Enzo Spray Condinioner is available in two sizes – 120 g. travel and 200 g. everyday. The packaging is easy to use, with nozzles. It is an irreplaceable, convenient and always at hand savior during hair care.
  • Loving yourself and hair protection is not just a matter of course.
  • Likes to dry, curl or otherwise style your hair with hot tools.
  • You are looking for a product that is suitable for both children and adults.

And how would you use Enzo spray conditioner?

What is the composition of Enzo Conditioner?

The product is useful, enriched with formulas that protect and nourish the hair, so the hair is nourished and thus gives the hair a visual beauty – shine, flexibility, tidiness, and the structure of the hair becomes soft, vibrant, protects from moisture and provides protection from heat.

The product is friendly to both hair and scalp. Free of sulphates, parabens and other hazardous substances. Easily combined with other tools.

What is the best way to combine the use of hair conditioner?

You can use Enzo hair conditioner with other natural Enzo hair care cosmetics that you can find in our online store. For example, you can spray the conditioner on damp hair that has just been washed with Enzo Shampoo for all types of hair shampoo, which can be found here

All hair products offered are organic, natural and do not contain SLS, parabens and other ingredients harmful to hair and scalp.

Spray non-washable Conditioner ENZO 200ml

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