Shampoo with Argan oil for all hair types ENZO 250 g


Enzo Shampoo is a cotton fluff, lightness and freedom in your hair! Awaken the goddess from the first hair wash and enjoy hair that is a pleasure to touch, explore, inspire and dream about!

Delicate hair fluff – is one of the most coveted results in the world! Amazing shiny hair on billboards, actresses and mannequins with flawless and obedient but not fluffy hair dancing in the wind… Beautiful, right?

Enzo hair shampoo is a conscious choice for revealing feminine freedom, elegance and lightness. With regular use of this shampoo, the hair absorbs the beneficial substances that create a wonderful change – the hair becomes healthy, shiny, flexible and soft, rhythmically fluffy and gives a pleasant feeling of weightlessness.

Can you guess why Enzo Shampoo is so special?

The main ingredient is argan oil. It nourishes all types of hair perfectly, restores the structure of the hair, giving it vitality, shine, softness and fluff, especially at the roots. Such fluff, where each hair seems to be wrapped in a separate cotton ring, but all the hair moves rhythmically, easily and harmoniously together. You want to immerse yourself in such hair, smell it, touch it, stick it…

Enzo shampoo revitalizes not only the hair but also the scalp itself. The skin becomes healthier, softer, fresher, activated blood circulation helps to absorb useful substances from shampoo and, for example, vitamin E. The feeling of healthy skin creates not only physical, but also emotional lightness, brightness, mood becomes more elevated.

Healthy and pleasantly fluffy hair – a positive soul!

And to ensure maximum effectiveness of Enzo Shampoo, shake the bottle before use. Who needs that?

When and for what is it best to use Enzo Shampoo?

The slogan of the goddesses – whenever you want! Hair shampoo is suitable for all hair types and is recommended for daily hair care for both men and women, or:

  • When you want to feel, at least once in your life, what that light, freely combed, wind-blown hair means.
  • When hair washing rituals lose their joy.
  • When the desired result is pleasantly fluffy and at the same time harmonious hair.
  • When you crave a natural, light and fresh breath of nature in your hair and bathroom.
  • When Your Motto: Healthy Soul Healthy Soul!
  • When you are all – both in a hurry and like a quiet, pampering east.

Use female intuition, feel, choose the frequency and amount of Enzo Shampoo according to your hair type and characteristics. And just enjoy your bloom, radiance, lightness and harmony!

Do you know how to use Enzo Shampoo?

Enzo Shampoo hair shampoo is thick, so it is enough for longer use. Eiga:

  • Squeeze the required amount of hair shampoo and distribute between the palms.
  • Gently distribute the product: start applying the roots, then over the entire length of the hair. Why?

Your goal is a nice feeling of fluffy hair, right? In order for the hair to remain harmonious and rhythmically moving, it is freely fixed and at the same time fluffy, so that the greatest fluff starts at the roots, so apply them first, and then apply the remaining amount of shampoo between your fingers as if stretched over the rest of the hair.

  • Do not rush to wash. Leave for a couple of minutes, so the shampoo will perfectly absorb and enrich your hair with vitamins and a cozy scent.
  • Rinse with warm water.

Even in the shower, you will notice how the refreshment pamperes your scalp and you will easily feel how light, soft and gentle your hair becomes. And after the shower, enjoy shiny, pleasantly fluffy hair and a light head!

How to create a pleasant feeling with Enzo hair shampoo?

The wisdom of the goddesses testifies that it all begins with an attitude. How does this relate to hair?

In order for actions and decisions to be accompanied by positive energy, peace and security, it is necessary to relax and remove anxiety. You want to start the day fresh, uplifting and easy, right?

It’s no secret that many start the day with a shower. How you feel the rest of the day – incredible – may depend on HOW you decide to wash your head!

Create a relaxing hair washing ritual in your home with Enzo shampoo!

The client shares her spa ritual for hair with Enzo Shampoo.

“Before I start the morning bathroom procedures, I don’t shy away from playing my favorite calmer music. It’s no secret, music is one of the day’s worshipers for the common man.

  • I treat Enzo Shampoo hair shampoo almost according to the instructions, as my hair tends to loosen enough, I first apply the shampoo to the hair roots, then I redistribute it to the rest of the hair.
  • You are advised to wait a few minutes for the shampoo to absorb and dispense the beneficial ingredients. While waiting, I just do a massage for the scalp, neck, neck. How?
  • In a circular motion I massage the shampoo into the scalp, it glides nicely, so it feels really good. I start from the forehead and incisors, moving towards the top of the head, then starting from the lower part of the head behind the ears, and moving towards the occiput in the same slow circular motions. I repeat this as much as I want. What is a huge plus? The bloodstream is activated, and it is responsible for the absorption of beneficial substances and the amount of oxygen for the brain to function.
  • I start with the incense, then the places behind the ears. I already use only a few fingers here and move in a circular motion down towards the neck. Massage is also an obstacle for the ears themselves, which according to acupuncturists is very beneficial for the whole body. Judu link neck.
  • A place that often goes to bed after sleep, where the worries of the day accumulate, and so on. Doctors and spa masseurs recommend more frequent massage of the neck to prevent salt accumulation. It is also possible to be more energetic here, starting from the places where the hair growth line ends and moving to the shoulders.

And all this only with the help of shampoo lasts a few minutes and the feeling is indescribably good! Light, bright, very unobtrusive and smells nice.

Making your own little hair spa at home is especially easy and fun! ”

Another of our lucky goddesses, who discovered the Enzo product line about Enzo Shampoo, said, “When you don’t know what to do, rub your head properly!”

And if you are still in a hurry and do not always find time for home rituals, but want to take care of your hair to the maximum, we recommend using the revitalizing hair treatment 5 D Ritual.

Combining Enzo Shampoo with other hair care products

Enzo Shampoo will appeal to every daughter of nature – the goddess, because the shampoo is made from environmentally friendly, ecological ingredients. And the main ingredient that nourishes, strengthens, nourishes and gives pleasant fluff to the hair is argan oil.

Hair shampoo is an effective primary remedy, but in order to make the result more effective and noticeable, it is often recommended to use an alternative remedy. Which one? Preferably one that protects against the effects of the environment beyond our control (air, wind, sun, etc.), such as Enzo Mask Deep Repair.

You can find natural Enzo hair care cosmetics in our cosmetics online store. All hair products offered are organic, natural and do not contain SLS, parabens and other ingredients harmful to hair, skin or the environment.

Shampoo with Argan oil for all hair types ENZO 250 g

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