Sapphire blue rubber band for natural silk hair


All rubbers bands are made of the highest quality natural 100% silk fabric. Even the most picky lady will find the right one for her. The braids are designed for all hair types, do not shed hair, are long-lasting and serve as a great hair accessory. The rubbers are luxuriously packaged and tied with a ribbon, so they are ready to gift.

Why choose silk rubber bands?

  • A special, luxurious shine
  • Does not plague or damage the hair fiber
  • Time firmly but leaves no binding marks
  • Is long-lasting Gently removes, does not lose hair
  • Extremely elastic. Elongated – min.10cm; max.22cm. (M / L) size.
  • Does not absorb moisture – silk has special properties that help retain moisture. Therefore, the silky rubber rubber does not dry the hair, does not allow the hair to give off moisture and does not allow it to break.
  • An exceptional image detail

You can even choose from 5 colors

  • Emerald green
  • Sapphire blue
  • Coral bluish
  • Silver
  • Pearlescent pink

Sapphire blue rubber band for natural silk hair

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