Home Scent Drizzle


  • Intended for indoor, car aromatization.
  • Carefully selected niche High-quality perfumes of the “PREMIUM” class.
  • A few sprays are enough to exhale the room.
  • Long lasting aroma.
  • Plastic amber bottle with black spray.
  • Capacity 250 ml.
  • Exclusive design in black, laminated paper packaging.
  • Packaging dimensions 65 x 65 x 205 mm.
  • Aroma oils and liquid oil base from renewable sources are used in the production of the scent.
  • The use of the product and the safety requirements are indicated on the label.
  • Made in Lithuania.
  • Alcohol is not used as the main substance in our product, so the product is safer, does not irritate the respiratory tract, does not cause unpleasant sensations. The small amount of alcohol in the odor is used only as a preservative in the product.



BlissArabian Shrub Arabian Hairy Shrub.

Caribbean Tonga Beans, Ambergris, Amber.

Indonesian vanilla, Siamese benzoin.
KarmaSicilian mandarin, Albanian rosemary.

East India Santal, Florence Iris.

South American smoky aromatic tonga bean.

Aroma of wood.

Bliss, Karma

Home Scent Drizzle

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