ENZO Shampoo Volume 250 g


Enzo Shampoo Volume hair shampoo that creates a pleasant volume is the new wings of your soul!

Enzo Shampoo Volume Fixing Shampoo is a heavenly lightness, especially pleasant lifting of the hair right at the roots and a very cozy and intoxicating feeling of freedom! It is the most beautiful love you can give to your hair.

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Enzo Shampoo Volume subtly lifts the hair to the roots and ensures that the hair remains extremely soft, playfully frizzy and extremely easy to comb! The special formula takes care of the protection of the hair, the stunning shine, and the exclusive fresh aroma is as light as the scent of the first spring flowers!

“Love is when you meet someone who says something new about you.” Andre Breton

Give your hair love, freedom, shine, freshness, pleasantly fixed fluff and feel like you become a noticeable personality, inspire to admire, enjoy and live!

Let others love Your flowering!

Do you know what stands out and why Enzo Shampoo Volume is a volume-fixing hair shampoo?

Enzo hair volume shampoo is created with love for your hair and great attention to ingredient selection – all the components of the shampoo are organic and natural. Only substances that are 100% beneficial for both hair and scalp are selected. For example, sprouted wheat protein is useful in restoring hair structure, has vitamin E, revitalizes and nourishes both hair and scalp. How did you feel? Incredible softness of the hair, easy, non-intertwined slippage between the fingers even during washing!

The shampoo also uses advanced technology that ensures the preservation of effective ingredients, hair care, vitality, softness.

Due to its natural composition, after washing with Enzo hair volume shampoo, the hair is light, soft and loose, without any signs of electrification. Wonderful, right?

As if it were small, Enzo shampoo contains an organic substance that is sure to protect the hair from heat, so it is safe to have not only hair loved by natural means, but also to shine, for example, the beauty of curly hair. Hello and impressive – that’s the goal!

“Beauty is an open letter of recommendation that conquers the heart in advance.” Artūras Schopenhauer

Take care of yourself – give natural love to your hair and conquer every new day without much effort! Let your body and soul shine with gratitude.

When is it best to use Enzo Shampoo Volume Fixing Shampoo?

Hair shampoo is suitable for men, women, children, as well as:

  • When you remember yourself with vibrant, fluffy and healthy hair only in childhood.
  • Expect pleasantly raised hair right at the roots.
  • Believes that a gentle body (and hair) is suitable for a sensitive soul.
  • You choose only 100% nature and man-friendly products.
  • Appreciate the time.
  • The dream is to stop using hair conditioner.
  • When you have thin hair that tends to fall out.
  • When combing your hair you have to shave it as needed.
  • Because dreams, love, freedom and gratitude are your values.
  • Divine exceptional, refreshing scents.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Easy and fun hair from the roots, harmoniously and freely, softly moving strands in the wind and pleasantly falling backwards, shiny, easily combed hair, full of love, memorable scent and a natural touch of nature. Yes, this is a dream you can make with Enzo Shampoo Volume now!

Do you know how to use Enzo Shampoo to increase the volume of your hair?

Enzo Shampoo Volume Foaming Shampoo is a thick mass, but it is easy to distribute and massage the product into the hair.


  • Squeeze the required amount of hair shampoo and distribute between the palms.
  • Gently distribute the product: start applying through the middle of the hair, then leave the roots at the roots and finish. Why? This will enhance the feeling of pleasantly raised hair right at the roots.
  • Do not rush to wash. Why?

Leave for a couple of minutes, so the shampoo will perfectly absorb and enrich your hair with vitamins and a cozy scent, as well as surround the hair with heat protection, so you can use hot hair styling tools, such as a hair dryer, after the shower.

  • Rinse with warm water.

Even in the shower, you will notice how the hair becomes noticeably soft and supple, even when washing it, you will not feel it at all, or you will feel a marked decrease in hair sticking and felting when you swipe your fingers. And after the shower, enjoy the increased volume of hair, the pleasantly recorded greater fluff at the roots, the exceptional smell and the healthy shine!

Enzo Shampoo Volume Fixing Shampoo is a valuable gift that gives wings!

“To love and be loved means to feel the sun from both sides.” David Viscott

One of the most beautiful gestures of love is to help fulfill a dream. Myself. To the house. To a friend. Colleagues or atolls for the soul.

Have healthy hair, nurture it with natural and friendly to man and nature organic substances, enjoy easily and pleasantly combed strands every morning, loose and at the same time lock in strands, enjoy the wind and stay elegant, behave freely, feel like you fall in love, feel Abundance is a wish worth fulfilling!

Taking care of the well-being of a loved one is really worth it.

How to strengthen your love for yourself with Enzo hair volume shampoo?

“There is no cure for love but to love even more.” Henry David Thoreu

After using Enzo Shampoo Volume, the hair noticeably recovers, becomes especially healthy and shiny, soft, pleasantly rises from the roots, and the loose ends are fixed as if the conditioner had been used.

Still, hair can require a little more love and care, and give it!

Customers are happy to share recommendations and experiences. One of the tips to enhance the effect of a neat and fluffy hairstyle is to apply a hair styling agent such as Enzo 5 Oils. Who needs that? In this way, the ends of the hair are easily burdened, become the desired fixation, and the hair at the roots is still impressively lifted from the roots. This trick creates an image of a truly orderly and assured hairstyle with an impressive volume.

It’s amazing how little it takes in life to bloom, right?

Combining Enzo Shampoo Volume Shampoo with other hair care products

Enzo Shampoo Volume will appeal to every person who cherishes freedom, lightness and love, because the shampoo is made from human- and environment-friendly, ecological ingredients.

You can find this and other natural Enzo hair care cosmetics in our cosmetics online store. All hair products offered are organic, natural and do not contain SLS, parabens and other ingredients harmful to hair, skin or the environment.

ENZO Shampoo Volume 250 g

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