ENZO Shampoo & Condicioner 250 g


Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier – the best friend of the bath, which moisturizes, smoothes, gives fullness and pleasant weight to the hair!

Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier hair shampoo-conditioner is a wonderful friend that maintains, smoothes, envelops, nourishes moisture and revitalizes your hair at the right time!

Regular use of the shampoo-conditioner helps to tame the finer hair, thus creating a more harmonious and calmer look of the hair, and the mood, of course, becomes more positive and brighter, lighter, as if after a conversation with a friend! The hair looks tidier, more docile, richer and there is a pleasant heaviness in the hair that ensures that the situation is finally under your control, not the circumstances.

And the exceptional result is rhythmically shaking healthy hair, returning to a harmonious and orderly unity after the wind, pulsating backwards and inspiring self-confidence with every step. You dream about it, don’t you?

Do you know what a special Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier shampoo-conditioner is?

It gives hair freedom and independence from environmental factors that deplete them, such as hair loss, dryness, or gene-transmitted hair properties! Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier is the best companion for those who have curly hair, and they naturally have a rougher surface, as well as for those whose hair is very fluffy and not very willing to give in to styling products. Finally, for those who just want to enjoy the pleasant weight of their hair walking down the street, dancing in the kitchen or walking the city streets like a podium.

Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier hair shampoo-conditioner is characterized by the fact that it is absorbed deep into the structure of the hair, nourishes, wraps the hair in a protective cocoon and gives a pleasant heaviness, saturation and smoothing.


Why Shake Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier Shampoo-Conditioner Before Use?

Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier is thick, conditioners and good oils settle, so it is necessary to shake it to ensure that the hair receives the full set of useful ingredients prepared for them.


When is it recommended to use Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier?

You’ve probably noticed that the hair of most people in temperate climates is fluffy, unruly, constantly wilting, and looks dry. This is due to external factors – wind, sun, dry or indoor air. For such hair, Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier is a real salvation.

Short, shriveled and constantly regrowing hair like a halo often signals S.O.S.

And ideal for people with curly and puffy and heavy hair.

“If you can dream about it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Many have dreams of something about a Ferrari, something about a house on the highway, but the most common dream is to just get on with your hair, feel safe, secure, and not have to retreat every 5 minutes. Familiar?

Having healthy, easy and fun-controlled hair is possible with Enzo Hair Shampoo and Conditioner!

Have you already fulfilled this dream?


What is the effect of Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier?

It is a thick, high-concentration moisturizing hair care product rich in natural vitamins and oils such as coconut oil. The result is visible and felt after the first use! What?

  • There is a pleasant heaviness in the hair.
  • Even during the shower, the hair becomes softer, more flexible.
  • After washing your head, your hair is visibly smoother, healthier and more controlled.

By using Enzo hair shampoo regularly, your hair changes unrecognizably – it becomes icy – obedient, rich, smooth as if after a visit to a luxurious hair salon. A dream, right?


How to use Enzo Shampoo & Conditionier hair shampoo-conditioner?

Enzo Shampoo D Moisturizing Shampoo is thick, so it is enough for longer use.

  • Shake the shampoo.
  • Squeeze the required amount of hair shampoo and distribute between the palms.
  • Gently distribute the product: start over the entire length of the hair, the ends of the hair and only then apply the hair roots. Why?

Why with this Enzo hair shampoo and conditioner is it worth starting to apply hair from the ends of the hair, leaving the roots to the very end?

Your goal is pleasantly heavy hair ends, which create a neat hair look, and you want your hair to be a little fluffier and nicely raised from the roots, right?

  • Do not rush to wash. Leave for a couple of minutes, so the shampoo will perfectly absorb and enrich your hair with vitamins and a cozy scent.
  • Rinse with warm water.

Even in the shower you will notice how heavy your hair becomes, softer, fluffier.

Enjoy smooth, rhythmically dancing, pleasantly heavy and looser hair for the first time!


How to care for dry and bloated hair?

If you want to strengthen your hair more, choose an alternative. Use additional hair care products that are designed to nourish the hair, smooth it out, facilitate its formation and provide the necessary moisture balance.

What are these measures? Hair masks such as Enzo Mask deep repair or hair oil Enzo 5 Oils. Special treatments for hair rejuvenation, nourishment and smoothness are also available, such as the hair spa or the 5 D ritual nourishing treatment we provide at YURY Salon.

Due to the natural composition of hair and body care cosmetics, we recommend using the same Enzo line of products.

ENZO Shampoo & Condicioner 250 g

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