ENZO Shampoo Color Care 250 g


Enzo Shampoo Color Care Color-Treated Hair Shampoo is a friendly touch, soft, flowing and inspiring lightness for the most exotic adventures and changes you want!

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Enzo colored hair shampoo is a responsible choice that helps nurture the love of your hair, makes you feel confident and knows that your hair is taken care of safely and comfortably. With regular use of this shampoo, dyed hair absorbs the beneficial substances that create a friendly effect – the hair is healthy, flexible, soft, playful and shiny, as if surrounded by a protective halo.

Can you at least imagine why Enzo Shampoo Color Care Dyed Hair Shampoo is so effective?

It obviously nourishes colored hair, restores hair structure, gives them vitality, natural shine, and surrounds the desired lightness and cozy softness.

Enzo shampoo revitalizes not only the hair but also the scalp itself. Therefore, the feeling of freshness creates not only physical, but also emotional lightness, upliftment, the mood becomes joyful and inspiring.

“Life is the art of finding beauty and joy everywhere.” Maxim Gorky

Also, Enzo dyed hair shampoo intensifies and enlivens the color – the hair becomes noticeably brighter, richer, and the shades fixed in the hair are more noticeably revealed.

Bloom healthily and happily with your most beautiful colors even brighter!

When is the best time to use Enzo Shampoo Color Care?

Hair shampoo is suitable for colored hair and is recommended for daily hair care for both men and women.


  • When you want your hair to look vibrant after coloring, it is pleasantly fluffy and cozy soft.
  • When you dream of regenerating in brighter colors and looking for nurturing hair care products.
  • Desire to shine healthy and colorful as if from the cabin every day!
  • When you like natural scents that are fresh in your hair and in your bathroom.
  • You are happy to share – you are looking for a gift that shows attention and care for a friend or a loved one with a refined taste.
  • When you like to have your hair dyed at home by your mom or girlfriend.

Reveal all your most amazing colors and shine in the world like the sun itself!

Do you know how to use Enzo Shampoo Color Care for colored hair shampoo?

Enzo Shampoo Color Care shampoo for colored hair is a thick mass and easily distributes and massages into the hair.


  • Squeeze the required amount of hair shampoo and distribute between the palms.
  • Gently distribute the product: start applying through the middle of the hair, then massage the ends of the hair and finally massage at the roots.
  • Do not rush to wash. Why?

Leave on for a couple of minutes, so the shampoo will perfectly absorb and enrich the dyed hair with vitamins and a cozy scent, as well as surround the hair with protection that gives a vibrant softness and bulk.

  • Rinse with warm water.

Even in the shower, you will notice how light, soft and gentle your hair becomes. And after the shower, enjoy shiny, pleasantly loose and soft hair!

Enzo Shampoo Color Care Colored Hair Shampoo – A Memorable Gift!

“Being honest and willing to help is the most important thing in life!” Haruki Murakami.

It’s so much fun in life to get unexpected and pleasant surprises or gifts from a loved one, right? And have you ever thought that your gift could become the most important help or solution ever given in an unreal situation?

Help your friend, friend or colleague – share the opportunity to enjoy colorful, exotic and healthy, vibrant hair! It’s worth recommending your experience or cheering up a friend for an unexpected gift just for the fact that it is.

How to create an exotic adventure with Enzo shampoo for colored hair?

“Everything that is extraordinary happens in the way of ordinary people.” Paulo Coelho

We all love a colorful life full of adventure and rich memories. And did you know that very simple tools are enough for the most impressive things? For example, shampoo for colored hair.

Have you ever performed a hair coloring procedure at home? Yes? Well, then you probably had to notice that after coloring you especially want to enhance the vitality and coziness of your hair, even if the mood is up and the beauty party of friends is just gaining momentum.

It is very important to choose the most suitable care products for your hair, and here – Ezno Shampoo Color Care Color Shampoo is your simplest solution for an enchanting and extraordinary result!

Let the gorgeous and enchanting beauty party go on every day!

Well, if you are still a person who loves the pleasures and colors of life and do not always find time for home rituals, let me take care of your most exotic hair and give a revitalizing hair care 5 D Ritual.

Combining Enzo Shampoo with other hair care products

Enzo Shampoo Color Care will appeal to everyone who appreciates the colors of life, because the shampoo is made from environmentally friendly, ecological ingredients.

And to enhance the charm of your colored hair, you can choose an additional hair protection product, such as Enzo Mask Deep Repair.

ENZO Shampoo Color Care 250 g

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