ENZO Conditioner 250 g


Enzo Conditioner is the king of hair care with argan oil from Morocco itself, which ensures the highest quality!

Allow yourself to become a queen – enjoy precious scents and refined luxury with shimmering hair! Just indulge in the care and protection that surrounds you.

Hair is a part of the body, it responds to the environment, to your well-being, thoughts, so why not give them love enriched with the softness of cashmere and argan oil?

Enzo Conditioner is a thick, high-concentration moisturizing hair care product rich in natural argan oil.

The pearlescent result is visible in the hair and the pleasant slipperiness of cashmere is felt after the first use!

  • The scalp feels fresher.
  • Even during the shower, the hair becomes softer and more flexible. When you wash your head, your hair is visibly shiny, lighter than a haircut, and your dried hair looks livelier, more real, healthier and shines amazingly!

Do you know why Enzo Conditioner is so effective?

Suffice it to look at the composition of a high-concentration and thick hair conditioner, the first ingredient after water is argan oil! Have you ever seen hair conditioners with this composition? What does this mean?

Argan oil contains useful vitamins, such as vitamin E, so it is especially recommended to use when the hair is severely dry, after coloring has lost its vitality.

Rich conditioner concentrate. The distinctive feature of Enzo Conditioner is the thickness of the mass. What does it provide?

  • You will use the product for much longer than you are used to. Why? To nourish your hair it will be enough to squeeze a smaller amount of conditioner.
  • You will distribute the conditioner on your hair especially easily and pleasantly. How should I understand this? The thick mass of Enzo Conditioner is as slippery as cashmere and does not stick to hair or fingers.
  • A luxurious breath of abundance. The conditioner has a pleasant, fresh, citrus-like smell.
  • Easy to wash. Also, the abundance of your vitamins enveloping your body. Have you ever wondered that what revitalizes and nurtures your sensitive scalp, such as hair conditioner, also permeates your entire body in the shower? This means that you use almost all the skin in your body with the beneficial vitamins from the conditioner. Unbelievable, right?

Beautiful hair is a business card, and beautiful and healthy is who you are.

When to use Enzo hair conditioner with argan oil?

Love for hair starts from the second step. In the bathroom no. 1 is a shampoo, and the conditioner, not a secret, ranks second. It is not enough to just wash your hair, it is necessary to revitalize, nourish, restore the structure of your hair, make a celebration – at the hair spa home!

  • In the evening, the gloomy north blows, and the hair looks like hay?
  • All day you started in the office near the conditioner and noticed how dry your hair was? Little by little, it started to electrify!
  • Didn’t you pick up an umbrella and try to guess the car through the rain with an amazing hairstyle?
  • Lately deprived of great stress, illness, under-eating in the morning?
  • Another time you came up with a light blonde hair?
  • Are you in a hurry in the morning and the only way to wash your hair is to blow dry it?
  • Hair tongs, curlers, hair straighteners, hair dryers, hairspray are irreplaceable and common hair “friends”?
  • And in general, do you have any thoughts that your hair is dry, brittle, slippery, and constantly breaking since you remember yourself?
  • Dandruff on sensitive and prone to dry skin is quite common?


“It simply came to our notice then. It is really important to find a balance between mind, body and spirit. ”Jennifer Lopez

The purpose of Enzo hair conditioner is not only to give visual beauty to the hair (shine, softness, fluff), but also to help restore the structure of the hair itself, moisturize, revitalize the scalp, reduce dandruff and hair loss. And it’s good to know, feel and radiate with confidence that the exterior of your hair is as beautiful as it is healthy and vibrant, right?

The customers of the salon are already happy with their hair, which due to the argan oil looks healthy, surrounded by the cozy slipperiness of cashmere, and the biggest impression is left by the pearlescent sparkle every time the hair moves.

By using Enzo conditioner for longer hair, the hair changes beyond recognition – it becomes more and more shiny, strong and flexible, healthy, as if there were no challenges in life!


How to use Enzo Conditioner hair conditioner?

You’ve probably experienced that the usual packaging is constantly slipping, uncomfortable to pick up, it’s hard to open the stopper, or it’s going to fall off! And the air conditioner itself finds ways to get married. The Enzo hair conditioner package perfectly solves all the challenges you experience in the shower! The container of the conditioner looks like a liquid soap with a special pump that facilitates dosing, is airtight, comfortable and safe to use in the shower!

The salon’s recommendation is to use other Enzo hair care products with Enzo Conditioner, such as a shampoo that fits your hair structure and type, such as Enzo Shampoo & Conditioner. Why?

  • The composition of Enzo cosmetics is natural, with organic ingredients.
  • Ezno line shampoos, conditioners, soaps, shower gels, hair masks and other cosmetics for hair and body care have similar tones. That’s why the scents of Enzo cosmetics create integrity, freshness and really comfortably fill the bathroom with harmonious aromas.

Enzo Conditioner is thick, so it lasts longer than usual.

  • Squeeze a small amount of conditioner and rub between your palms.
  • Gently distribute the product along the entire length of the hair, massage and rub in a circular motion into the scalp as well as the roots. Why? This will nourish not only the hair itself, but also the sensitive scalp.
  • Leave for 3 minutes. During that time, the hair conditioner will perfectly absorb and enrich your hair with vitamins and a cozy scent.
  • Rinse with warm water.

Enjoy healthy hair for the first time!

ENZO Conditioner 250 g

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