ENZO 5 Oils 45 g


Enzo 5 Oils – a blend of 5 oils and waxes that both protects and shapes hair and stays effective around the clock!

#Enzo 5 Oils – Your superhero who rescues, protects and nourishes your hair!

“Usually fame comes to those who think of something wrong.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Trust your glorious day – create and enjoy your dreams, and Enzo 5 Oils will take care of and maintain your enchanting image!

You’ve probably noticed that regular hair oil lasts just 15 minutes when applied to hair? And you want healthy-looking, shiny, non-electrifying hair to last as long as possible, right? Wax-based blend of 5 oils Enzo 5 Oils will replace the hair oils used so far and will perfectly maintain the desired shine, health and color brightness for up to 24 hours!

5 The mixture of oils and waxes is characterized by the fact that it is absorbed deep into the hair structure, nourishes, covers and restores the condition of healthy hair. Also Enzo 5 Oils:

  • helps to remove hair elongation.
  • Creates a light straightening effect.
  • Gives shine.
  • Protects the tips from branching.
  • Smoothes and makes puffy hair more subdued.
  • Helps to shape braided hair and perfectly secure the smallest and most hairy hair, such as Kim Kardashian hair ponytail.
  • Gives vitality and naturalness when capturing curly hairstyles.

What does a mixture of 5 oils and wax look like?

5 Oils are a soft and Vaseline-like natural and organic oil that moisturizes, nourishes, treats and protects hair for 24 hours.

Smell. Hair oil has a pleasant, fresh, citrus-like scent.

The package is comfortable to carry in a handbag, is airtight and fits in the palm of your hand. The mass of Enzo 5 Oils is not liquid, like many oils, so it does not lubricate or spill.

Due to the properties of the wax, the hair oil is pleasant to apply by hand, does not stick to the fingers, does not leave an excess of oil, as the residue is absorbed into the skin like a hand cream.

What kind of hair is suitable for 5 Oils – a mixture of 5 oils and waxes?

You probably know that northern Europeans or people in temperate climates have blower hair that tends to dry out faster? Enzo 5 Oils is a great solution for bulging and other hair, as the product is suitable for all hair types. The combination of oils and waxes covers the hair with a film that protects it from the harmful effects of the environment, such as sunlight and hot styling tongs.

Popcorn, thick or long hair requires special care and more abundant nourishment, so a blend of 5 oils will be a special helper.

Hair ends and their branching is one of the most common problems that 5 Oils effectively solves and becomes an indispensable hair care product. The oil gives the ends of the hair smoothness and protects it from branching, the hair becomes noticeably healthier and more vibrant.

We recommend choosing a combination of 5 oils and wax Enzo 5 Oils if:

  • you have damaged hair and broken ends,
  • you want to remove hair puff
  • you want to restore the natural shine of your hair in a few seconds,
  • you want to create a professional result at home,
  • you have sun-dried hair
  • you want to revive dry hair that suffers from constant dyeing.
  • Waiting for a special occasion – a date, a graduation, an acquaintance’s birthday, an evening in a cafe, the first performance at an open social dance ground? Disappointed and already there is a themed party on the nose and a Disco or retro style hairstyle planned at home? Or maybe you’re getting ready for a festival and want a free silly messy hairs (wet hair) or wet hair (wet effect) hairstyle?

How to make a curly hairstyle like a salon at home?

Enzo 5 Oils not only perfectly nourishes, revitalizes and strengthens hair, but also naturally fixes curls, for example, curled with hair curlers or tongs. The property of the wax is that it warms up and cools down quickly, and when it cools, it fixes, so the hair smeared with the 5 oils product does not dilute, does not stick, the curls remain flexible and tidy immediately!

  • Apply a thin layer of oil to dry hair, pay more attention to the ends of the hair, do not apply on the roots.
  • You can brush your fingers.
  • After applying Enzo 5 Oils, do not touch the hair and wait 5-10 minutes.
  • Form a skein of the desired thickness with heated tongs or a hair curler. Recommendation. Set the temperature 10-15 degrees lower than usual or hold the skein on the tongs for a little longer. Why? Enzo 5 Oils is a mixture of hot air, you will notice that when touched with your finger, the product becomes more liquid than Vaseline, and another characteristic of the wax is to heat up suddenly and retain that heat a little.
    Finished hairstyles, if the hair is longer or, for example, curls are thicker, still apply hairspray with as natural a composition as possible.

One of Enzo 5 Oils’ products – and hair becomes shiny, healthy, tidier, richer in color, looks naturally and is fixed like hair gel.

Is it possible to use the same mixture of oils for wet hair and dry hair?

With Enzo 5 Oils it’s possible! Conventional hair oils penetrate a small percentage into the hair and the remaining amount of product simply evaporates. 5 Oils not only penetrates deep into the hair and reconstructs it, but retains protection for up to 24 hours. The effectiveness remains when applying the oil mixture on both dry and wet hair, so in any case, your hair gets protection all day long!

How to apply 5 Oil’s Wax hair oil on wet or curly hair?

We recommend rubbing the wax into the palms and “wrinkling” wet hair, not combing. Allow to dry naturally or dry with a nozzle-diffuser.

This method of use for natural waving or curling will give a rich shine, deeply nourish, moisturize and easily capture the position of the natural wave.

How does a mixture of 5 oils and waxes work on your hair in the winter?
All types of hair experience stress in the winter. Dehydrated, cracked and shiny hair becomes a common problem for women during the cold period. Cold and dry air is probably the biggest enemy of hair, so you need protection and nourishment like never before. So, cool hair oil is a real salvation!

  • Maintains hair shine
  • Prevents the ends from drying out
  • The substances in the oils compensate for the natural fat in the hair
  • Reduces hair electrification
  • Protects hair from cold

How does a mixture of 5 oils and waxes save your hair in the summer?

In summer, due to the hot weather, wind and bright sunlight, the hair becomes dry, brittle, losing vitality and shine, constantly warping and becoming dull. S.O.S! Cool 5 Oil’s Wax hair oil will become your superhero NR.1. and will save vacation, travel, and rest by the sea, because he:

  • Helps retain moisture.
  • Protects hair from breakage.
  • Protects hair from the sun.
  • Reduces puffiness.
  • Makes hair combing easier.

What is the composition of Enzo 5 Oils hair oil?

The product must be useful, rich in vitamins, safe and healthy to use. Each oil contained has its own unique properties that effectively affect the hair, nourish. One oil contains well, and if there are more?

Enzo5 Oils is a set of 5 oils! It has an extremely natural and organic composition, the main elements of which are oils. Argan, Makadamia, Cocos and other highly effective oils are the first ingredients in the product.

The product is non-allergenic and is friendly to both hair and scalp. Free of sulphates, parabens and other hazardous substances.

What is the best way to combine the use of hair oil?

The result of using hair oil will be more effective and noticeable when used with other natural Enzo hair care cosmetics, which you will find in our cosmetics online store. All hair products offered are organic, natural and do not contain SLS, parabens and other harmful ingredients.

Who best washes her hair with Enzo 5 Oils oil?

The salon’s recommendation is to use Enzo Organic line shampoo Enzo Shampoo or deep cleansing hair shampoo Enzo Purifying shampoo, which perfectly washes away the remnants of hair styling products.

What oils are used in the production of Enzo 5 Oil’s Wax?

  • Coconut oil
  • Castor oil
  • Macadamia oil
  • Argan oil
  • Citrus peel oil


Coconut oil

It is one of the most naturally extracted oils in the world. Coconut oil can be used to solve the problem of hair dehydration, but reveals the best properties when it comes to nourishing and enriching your hair with vitamins.

 Castor oil

Tai vienas iš seniausių augalų, kuris auginamas būtent aliejaus gavimui.

Ricinos aliejus padeda, kai vargina plaukų slinkimas, pleiskanos, silpni, lūžinėjantys plaukai. Tai puiki priemonė visapusiškai atstatyti pažeistų plaukų struktūrą.

Macadamia oil

One of the most popular oils in the world, it contains important vitamins and minerals for hair health. It is instantly absorbed into the hair, is light and non-greasy, making it ideal for treating dry hair. It promotes hair growth, moisturizes them, reduces dandruff and gives hair shine.

Argan oil

It is one of the easiest oils to absorb, which is why the result is softer, shinier hair. It contains useful vitamins, such as vitamin E, so it is especially recommended for use when severely dry hair that has lost its vitality after coloring.

Citrus peel oil

Citrus oils have fresh scents and anti-fatty properties, reduce hair oiliness and make hair softer.

Thus, each oil has its own strengths that help to nurture, revitalize, strengthen, smooth, nourish the hair.

Often the aforementioned hair oils are used one by one, there are many recipes for how essential oils can be used for hair care at home, how to make different textures for yourself, masses with oils, how much to drip. Enzo 5 Oils is a simpler, 5-in-one solution that already counts portions, validates, certifies and matches natural ingredients.

ENZO 5 Oils 45 g

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