Argan shampoo 500g + Hair mask 300g ENZO


It is no secret that shampoo in the bathroom is the first means of hair care. The hair mask provides protection, deeply nourishes and pleasantly captures all the beneficial substances for the hair, and also allows you to feel 100% easy to control your hair!

Enzo Shampoo is a light, conscious and bright touch of the Argan goddess to your hair!

It’s cotton fluff, lightness and freedom in your hair! Awaken the goddess from the first hair wash and enjoy hair that is a pleasure to touch, explore, inspire and dream about!

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Enzo Mask Deep Repair Hair Mask – The Perfect Choice For Your Hair!

The best-selling and best-received natural hair mask from ENZO is a real cocktail of natural ingredients that will restore the vitality of your hair, restore damaged hair and give your hair a second chance for an even better life! The nourishing and moisturizing properties of the hair mask will give your hair a special softness, healthy shine and pleasant weight. All components of the organic mask are completely safe, certified and environmentally friendly, making the mask perfect for use by the whole family!

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Argan shampoo 500g + Hair mask 300g ENZO

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