SPA Treatments

SPA Bio-Enzyme Therapy is an intensive nourishing therapy for light, long, damaged and colored hair. This line of tools has been developed by hair care professionals. The products restore the natural beauty of bleached and damaged hair and remove imperfections. Valuable technological composition: natural organic truffle enzymes, active ingredients of plant origin and other similarly structured substances that strengthen and revitalize long and stress-depleted hair. The powerful elixir of youth, with its exceptional antioxidant properties, restores the internal structure of chemically weakened hair, strengthens it and provides resistance. These products fundamentally restore hair fiber, strengthen and provide elasticity. The secret of the formula in the SPA Bio-Enzyme Therapy line is the enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase) found in valuable truffles. After a long and careful extraction process, the effectiveness of this enzyme is ensured by applying the latest scientific processes at the Faculty of Cosmetology of the University of Bologna. The enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase) catalyzes the conversion of free radicals. It belongs to a class of metallic enzymes and chemical catalysts that are naturally produced in the human body. It is one of the main enzymes that provide antioxidant protection to the body. Because of this biological effect, superoxide dismutase plays an important role in protecting cells from oxidative damage and inflammation. Main Ingredients: TUBER MAGNATUM: REDUCES PORTERITY – PREVENTS BRANCHING Fills all damaged layers of hair to keep vital substances inside the hair. Strengthens hair, instantly combs easily and soft WATER AND LIPIDES MOISTURIZE – PROVIDES ELASTICITY Increases resistance to stretching and straightening. Nourishes hair to be even more resistant to coloring and removing agents. Increases the level of moisture in the hair, they become more resistant to mechanical and heat-emitting devices. VEGETABLE KERATIN STRENGTHENS HAIR FIBER Deeply penetrates, increases volume and thickness, balances moisture. Strengthens the hair fiber and prevents flaking, protects against branching. AMINO ACIDS PROTECT – PREVENT EXTRACTION Compactly suppresses cuticles and effectively removes the porosity caused by chemical and thermal treatments. Retains moisturizers inside the hair. Hair shines more and does not fade over time.

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