Silvia Frisør

Meet a dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled hairdresser.

Silvia Beauty Room is a modern studio with many years of experience in the industry.



The Best Hair Treatments You Need
Silvia Frisør offers services that include haircuts, styling, balayage, coloring and extensions.

Women60 minfrom 695kr
Men Haircut30 minfrom 485kr
Children (0-12) Haircut30 minfrom 435kr
Machine Clips20 minfrom 200kr
Women Hair90 minfrom 1150kr

Roots90 minfrom 890kr
Toner75 minfrom 675kr
Airtouch240 minfrom 1950kr
Balayage180 minfrom 1750kr
Short Hair: 90 minfrom 1150kr
HighlightsMedium Hair: 150 minfrom 1435kr
Long Hair: 180 minfrom 1750kr
Short Hair: 90 minfrom 885kr
ColourMedium Hair: 150 minfrom 1435kr
Long Hair: 180 minfrom 1750kr

Washing, Hair drying, styling45 minfrom 550kr
Event Hairstyle80 minfrom 850kr
Wedding Hairstyle120 minfrom 1850kr
SPA Treatments
60 minfrom 600kr
Enzo 5D Rituals Therapy60 minfrom 600kr
Hair Botox90 minfrom 650kr
Hair ICE Botox90 minfrom 650kr
Hair Keratin treatment180 minfrom 1850kr
Head Spa Ritual60 – 90 minfrom 980kr

Rebecca Elizabeth Loos2020-10-10
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Silvia is absolutely fantastic with both cut and color. She cuts me, the kids and the man! Highly recommended.
Samanta Morkūnaitė2020-08-16
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She colored my hairs so perfect !! And did hair therapy so now hairs looks amazing and shiny !! Thanks for Silvia !! 🥰 I am very happy !! ♥ ️
Hilde Birgitte Smedsgård Haug2020-06-13
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Always very happy with the hairdresser and the result. Recommended 😀!
Trine Ermesjø Söderblom2020-05-01
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🥂Very happy after my first visit 💐
Laura Kavaliauskienė2020-04-14
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Rekomenduoju 100%, norai visada būna išpildyti❤ o jeigu neturi minčių (sakai nežinau, ko noriu), visada padaro, kad išeitum patenkinta ❤
Sylwia Lesniak Thorset2020-04-14
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Very happy 😃. Professional and pleasant service 🌼
Eva Eikrehagen2020-04-14
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Silvia😊 you are fantastic😊 good at recommending, have an eye that sees what suits the customer😊😊to do what the customer wants😊😊effective😊Hairstyle, color, stripes and keratin treatment👍
Ausra Valciukiene2020-04-14
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Great hairdresser! works with passion and love! Always greets with a smile! 💙
Irene Flaget Johansen2019-12-14
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Very good! Efficient and pleasant😊
Erika Liutkeviciene2019-11-22
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Speaks several languages, nice interior in rooms! Flexibility and comfort, the experience is 20 years👸🏼

About me

A hairdresser who has more than 23 years of experience in cutting hair can cut and style customers’ hair for both weekdays and special occasions. I provide advices and guidances based on the customer’s wishes and needs.